Club have submitted proposal to Manchester United for player – Slow, patient approach, wheels turning

That’s according to Tuttosport, La Stampa, and Tutto Juve, who all cover the player today and Juventus’ potential effort to get him.

Tuttosport kick things off and explain that the signs are pointing towards Sancho becoming a reality this summer, even if the matter is a slow-moving process.

With Erik ten Hag now staying it seems unlikely Sancho will remain at Old Trafford following their falling out last year and that gives Juventus an opportunity to get their man.

Juventus have been interested in some time and even had him on a list of potential targets in the January transfer window. They wanted a loan then and that would be the formula this summer if any move was to take place.They’d need some help from Manchester United, who are yet to open up to the idea of sanctioning another loan and would have to help in terms of wages.


There is a feeling they could value a loan deal, though, as Sancho could reinvent himself under Thiago Motta and therefore drag his value back up.

Director of football Cristiano Giuntoli has sent a proposal to Manchester United either way and is waiting, knowing the deal could take some time to develop, particularly as United eye a permanent sale first. Time will work in their favour, though.

La Stampa, meanwhile, say the opposite and insist that Manchester United have opened up to the possibility of a loan deal for Sancho, even if there is no agreement in place or even the semblance of one with Juventus.

The big issue at the moment would be the value of a purchase clause included in the deal, and perhaps the conditions necessary to trigger an obligation to buy next summer.

Tutto Juve, add their own take and say that Manchester United are in a hurry to get rid of Sancho and want the situation clarified by mid-July.

Juventus can take advantage of that and are working to find the right conditions for a deal with Manchester United.

They feel that the more time that passes the more United will be open to a loan deal and that is what the Italian giants are focused on.

Their idea is to secure a loan with a right to buy included, so they can assess Sancho for themselves and then think about a permanent transfer next summer.

Either way, all three outlets believe the wheels are now turning on Sancho and Juventus are working to find an agreement, even if it may take some time to work that out.

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