Fans were confused when they saw Manchester United’s Andre Onana smear Vaseline on his goalkeeper’s gloves during the draw with Liverpool – but there was a clever reason behind the strange move

In December, Onana was seen putting vaseline on his hands during the game against West Ham. This is the second time he has done this.

GloveGlu on X said that goalkeepers sometimes use vaseline when it’s wet, which makes the palms of their gloves very sticky.

According to Keeper Balm, using Vaseline right away makes the gloves stay better.


This can damage the rubber in the gloves, though, so they won’t last as long as they should.

Also, someone else wrote, “Why did Onana just put Vaseline on his gloves?” That can’t help you grip the ball, can it?


Also, someone asked, “Is Vaseline good for goalie gloves? If so, why did Onana pull out a whole tub?”


One person didn’t understand why Onana put vaseline on his hands.

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