‘Fire everyone responsible’ – Man Utd fans left fuming as club ‘sign’ YouTube sensation IShowSpeed ahead of crucial FA Cup semi-final clash with Coventry


On April 18, Speed posted a video on his YouTube channel documenting his visit to Old Trafford to sign a contract with Manchester United. In the video, the club’s Chief Executive, Omar Berrada, appeared alongside Speed, adding an air of authenticity to the signing process. A die-hard fan of Manchester United, he has long supported the club, with his interest peaking during the tenure of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, who rejoined the team in 2021. Hailing from Ohio, Speed has made multiple trips to the UK to attend matches, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the Red Devils.


Watkins himself admitted to being blindsided by the contract offer, expressing his disbelief and excitement during the signing process.

He started the video saying: “Alright, boys I just got this call from Man United. They told me to pull up to the office, I am super confused, I am like, ‘What’s going on?’ I just got a call from Man United and it sounded like a manager, some business person.”

The surreal moment unfolded as Berrada welcomed him to Old Trafford and presented him with the paperwork to formalise the agreement.

Berrada said: “Welcome to Old Trafford, Speed. You have to sign there, this is your first contract.”

Speed’s astonishment was palpable as he kept saying: “Oh my God, no way, bro. No way! It’s up there with the top three (best moments of my life). The first one would have to be, obviously meeting Cristiano Ronaldo. The second will probably be me getting RKO’d (by Randy Orton) and the third one is probably this one. I have been dreaming of this, this actually means a lot to me. Me getting signed to Man United, who would have thought this would happen?”

Following the contract signing, Watkins took viewers on a tour of Old Trafford, providing glimpses of the iconic stadium.

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