Gary Neville reacts to Manchester United news which has just left his phone blowing up

It was shaping up as a quiet weekend of Manchester United news ahead of the Premier League match with Crystal Palace on Monday night. And then we received the update nobody wanted. 

More Manchester United injury news, involving a key player given the precarious state of the team.

Harry Maguire will not play in the remaining four Premier League games of the current campaign.

It’s a race against time for the defender to heal in time for the FA Cup final as Manchester United revealed that he had a muscular injury.

Gary Neville instant reaction to Harry Maguire injury

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United defender, talked about the Harry Maguire injury on his Sunday night Sky Sports podcast.

He expressed his concerns, emphasizing that Manchester United could not afford any more injuries in this situation.

Neville said: “Just picking my phone up there, I think it was at half time looking at sort of the notifications I was getting. Harry Maguire has got injured today in training.

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