‘He could be one of the best’: Peter Schmeichel says Man United star ‘needs to be coached’ after Arsenal loss

Manchester United suffered another damaging defeat when they were beaten 1-0 by Arsenal on Sunday at Old Trafford. 

Manchester United is not only facing a season without playing in Europe, but they are also getting ready for the FA Cup final in the worst way possible—against Manchester City.

Even though Arsenal wasn’t playing at its best at Old Trafford, they still managed to score, pick up three points, and keep a clean sheet in their intense Premier League title battle with Manchester City.

For the under-fire Erik ten Hag, there were multiple important attacking players absent, including Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes.

Thus, it is now the responsibility of players like Alejandro Garnacho and Rasmus Hojlunad to step up and prove their value to Manchester United.

They did not, however, have the desired effect. Garncho in particular had plenty of possession, but he was unable to overcome Ben White.

The 19-year-old has shown so much promise this season—not to mention that ridiculous overhead kick goal at Goodison Park—that Peter Schmeichel was left unhappy with him.

The agile forward “needs to be coached,” according to the great Manchester United goalie, who made this statement to Premier League Productions on December 5, 24 at 6:50 p.m.

Garancho saw plenty of possession; it wasn’t as though he wasn’t getting the ball; rather, he rarely made an impact in the closing seconds or gave Arsenal any serious problems.

Despite all of that, Schmeichel was keen to point out that the rising youngster is still hugely talented and can become ‘one of the best players in the Premier League’, but there are issues in his game.

Alejandro Garnacho struggles against Arsenal

“They (Manchester United) do (also attack as individuals),” said Schmeichel. “It’s all about when you get the ball, I am going to try and score a goal. I am not going to look at any teammates. I am just going to try myself.  There doesn’t seem to be a system or an idea of when we do this, these are your options and this is what you can do or that is what you can do.

“I think someone like Garnacho today is a great example that doesn’t work. I am watching Garancho, who had the ball so many times on the left, and I am hoping for him, for now and again, to do something different. But, every time, he is trying to finish it himself – He needs to be coached a little. You can’t do the same thing every time. Everybody knows what he is doing to do now, he is going to go left and try to cross the ball. He has pace, yes, but he has players up there that are options. Other options. If you look at how easy it is for Arsenal’s defenders. He is going towards goal and It’s so easy to defend against. He’s not challenging or changing his angle.

“I am not criticising him as such because he is a young man and full of energy. But he is up against possibly the best defenders in the league. They will suss him out like that very quickly, therefore, you need to put some variation in what you are doing. He is a great player and prospect. He could be one of the best players in the Premier League, without a shadow of a doubt. He has done so many good things, but in the last month or two, it kind of feels like every time he gets the ball, he thinks he has to finish it.”

Manchester United environment

Players like Garnacho are a matter for concern since their environment at Manchester United isn’t conducive to their wellbeing.

from the club’s culture, the team’s midweek preparations, the atmosphere during training, and the dearth of leaders. A great deal of it is going awry and shows no indications of abating.

Sure, that then has an impact on the team’s performances, but it also prevents rising talents from developing further.

That is a result of him being let down by those around him rather than a player like Garnacho and what he performs on the field.

Jeff Stelling correctly noted not so long ago that Garnacho is one of just two Manchester United players who has had a successful season.


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