‘I can’t even sleep’ – Casemiro explains why Man Utd’s problems are keeping him up at night


The experienced Brazilian midfielder has advised his colleagues to not get distracted by the title race or securing a Champions League spot at the moment and instead adopt a ‘day-to-day’ mentality. United have failed to secure a win in their last three Premier League games despite having been ahead in all all three matches.


Speaking to ESPN Brazil, the former Real Madrid star said, “It’s difficult. This is the point that bothers me most about not fighting for titles. Being 20 points behind first place. Sometimes, I can’t even sleep to try to think about doing something different. It’s reality. There’s no point in thinking about title or Champions League places, we need to think about today’s games.

“We need to think about the day to day, we had the opportunity to score nine points in the last few games and we scored two. We were upset. We have to think game by game and focus on the next match, against Bournemouth.

“The game [vs. Liverpool] was very fast-paced and well played. A classic. We were playing against one of the leaders of the competition and who is going through a good moment. We responded well. Both teams had opportunities. The game was good. At home we are strong, but we played against a great team. We have to think about the next match.”

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