‘I just don’t get it’: Ex-PL goalkeeper stunned by Manchester United transfer rumour he’s hearing now

Manchester United must decide on the future of their manager Erik ten Hag before delving into the forthcoming summer transfer window.

Many had a calm January window, so you might be wondering if the market will be similarly quiet this summer or if chaos will reign supreme.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen to Erik ten Hag after Manchester United, one of the teams under the spotlight.

In the FA Cup final at Wembley, the Dutchman pulled off an unexpected victory over Manchester City, who was always the clear favourite.

It somewhat covers over the shortcomings of the Premier League season, in which Manchester United finished eighth, their lowest result in more than thirty years.

Everyone is aware of who is leaving the club. Raphael Varane and Anthony Martial, who signed in 2015 but fell short of expectations, have both declared their want to depart when their contracts expire next month.

Actually, that was to be expected, and few are shocked that the two Frenchmen are making their way towards the exit.

But might another unexpected name do the same? There are two years remaining on Bruno Fernandes’ current Manchester United contract, and there has been discussion of a transfer including Bayern Munich.

When Shaka Hislop heard of that transfer rumour, he made it clear that he ‘just doesn’t get it’, as he told ESPN.

The former Premier League goalkeeper can’t see Fernandes joining Vincent Kompany’s side, but did highlight that the club have a big decision to make on the 29-year-old, especially when profit and sustainability rules come into the picture.

Bruno Fernandes and Bayern Munich transfer rumour

“Bruno Fernandes and the Bayern Munich thing, I just don’t get it,” said Hislop. “It just doesn’t fit, for me.  From a Bruno Fernandes perspective, he is the star of the show at Old Trafford. He is the kingpin up in the red part of Manchester. He wants to see things built around him.

“From a Manchester United perspective, and we have made a lot about their financial issues, yes a Sir Jim Ratcliffe coming in, maybe inject some cash, but how does that play out with the profit and sustainability regulations? If he is a sellable asset, and there is genuine interest, again I am not 100% certain there is genuine interest from Bayern Munich, then Manchester United might be tempted.

“The aspect to that profit and sustainability is that, with two years left on his contract, he all of a sudden, the longer we go into that, the more the power rests with Bruno Fernandes and his camp, in terms of negotiating. Again, you are already trying to balance the books, increasing the salary of one of your highest-paid players, I am not sure leans into that, either. It’s a little bit of a dangerous game that Bruno Fernandes maybe finds himself in and sees this as taking some control of it.”

Should Manchester United sell Bruno Fernandes?

There has been a major shift at the top of the organisation ever since the new minority regime, headed by Ineos and Sir Jim Ratcliffe, moved into the Old Trafford building.
Fans will understandably assume that if ten Hag is also fired, the players will do the same as many of them have worked under several managers without really succeeding.
Yes, Fernandes is the captain of Manchester United and their finest player. However, selling him might indicate to others in the boardroom that they desire a total overhaul from the top down.
The issue you then have is the performance he put in at Wembley and how not many Manchester United players can do that.

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