Inside David Beckham’s £14M Cotswolds mansion Where Man United legend says he can ‘see Victoria isnt wearing anything’ in top window

David Beckham has granted fans an extremely exclusive peek into the family’s £12 million Cotswolds estate. The recently released Netflix documentary featuring the former England football player is now available on the platform

Beck’s shows off his incredible mansion in the series and jokes he can sometimes see Victoria isn’t wearing anything in the window

Speaking to the camera, the 48-year-old said: “I wanted a place where we could escape. As soon as I get into the countryside I normally get into my whole country getup.”The home had amazing gardens and a large lake; in one shot, David was shown gazing at his mansion from his garden table.It is my favorite view of the house, he remarked. Victoria may be seen in the upper window by me if she is nude.On the premises, there is a football field, a safari tent, and a sauna.The 49-year-old couple, David and Victoria, paid £6 million for it in 2017.The home now has a football field, sauna, fitness center, swimming pool, and a £50,000 safari tent for entertaining in the gardens—all added when the Beckhams renovated it. Right now, its estimated value is £12 million.Interiors expert Benji Lewis told MailOnline, “This is such a step away from any kind of footballer’s home cliché; it is beautifully curated, smart, and yet not flashy.”

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