Man United reveal £2bn Old Trafford decision timeline after stunning Gary Neville comments

Manchester United has scheduled the Old Trafford task force’s final report’s completion for the end of the current year.

A task force headed by Lord Sebastian Coe was established in March with the goal of revitalising Old Trafford and the surrounding area.

In addition to Sara Todd, the chief executive of Trafford Council, and Manchester Mayor Burnham, the panel also included former United captain Gary Neville.

The panel was established to investigate all possibilities while carefully examining the viability of a new structure and broader revitalization.

Club sources have corrected an external source’s initial estimate that the task group could wrap up its conclusions by the end of the summer.

It is thought that the Old Trafford task force will make its conclusions public by the end of 2024, at which point the project’s next phases can start. The fourteen-member task force panel plans to meet once a month on average.

There will be movement after the optimal course of action—remodeling or revamping—is determined, and the ramifications for the regeneration project are taken into account.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has said it’s his preference to build a new Old Trafford, to create a ‘Wembley of the north’ and a ‘stadium that’s befitting the club and the brand’. Estimated costs for that have been put at £2billion.

Neville, speaking on the club’s official Utd Podcast, claimed he would not oppose an entirely new stadium being built. “I’m not one of those that says that because I’ve watched football out there for 45 years that I need to watch the exact same players on that exact blade of grass,” he said.

It’s not yet clear which architectural firm will be hired to renovate or redevelop Old Trafford.

The viability possibilities for Old Trafford were explored by the American-founded business Populous, although this does not imply that they will be the architects working on the project’s advancement.

The Principality in Cardiff, which was the first stadium in the UK with a completely retractable roof, and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are both owned and operated by Populous.

As the top architectural firm for these kinds of redevelopments, it is claimed that they are ‘hopeful’ to have Sir Jim Ratcliffe put his trust in them to build Old Trafford’s future.

Tottenham’s stadium is the best-in-class in the Premier League and cost around £1billion to build. It is the first purpose-built NFL venue outside of the US and Spurs have a deal to host a minimum of two games per year over 10 years, which is an extra revenue stream.

Neville added: “What I am absolutely certain of is that we need to have a stadium that is up there with some of the other great stadiums in Europe and in this country at this moment in time, Tottenham is the benchmark. It’s a stunning stadium, brand new, and we need to get to that level.”

The Old Trafford task force held its first meeting in April. Manchester Major Burnham was asked by the Manchester Evening News what happened and said: “It was an introductory meeting. We were all getting to know each other, although most of us knew each other already, but just scoping out what we could do.

“Obviously our role is to facilitate the club’s decision. We’re there to help with the information, evidence, perspective, sometimes adding broader perspective that sometimes the club aren’t aware of.

“So it was very high-level introductory, but it was really good that Lord Coe was there. I think that’s a really big statement of not just the club’s ambition but Greater Manchester’s ambition to have someone of his stature [involved] who delivered the London Olympics.

“And I think that sends a message that this is more than building a stadium, which is a really important message to get over. This is potentially one of the biggest regeneration projects that the north of England will see in this century actually, it’s that significant.”

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