Manchester United dragged into Man City legal case against Premier League

According to a source, Manchester United has been included in a lawsuit Man City is bringing against the Premier League on the grounds of “discrimination.”

The Blues have assembled a 165-page legal dossier, according to The Times, in an effort to overturn the league’s “illegal” Associated Party Transaction (APT) regulations.

According to the article, City is requesting damages. The two organisations are already prepared for a game-defining hearing later this year over the 115 rule breaches that City have been accused of by the Premier League.

Additionally, it’s said that elite teams are worried that City’s chances of winning this case will improve when they go to trial. All 115 charges are refuted by them.

According to reports, City has contended that the APT regulations, which were implemented in 2021 following Newcastle United’s takeover, violate competition law and discriminate against clubs headquartered outside of London and with ties to the Gulf area. The club is reportedly attempting to repeal the regulations and is also requesting damages for money they have lost out on since the “illegal” rules were implemented.

The Premier League will be affected by the two-week hearing, which begins on Monday. It also raises the stakes between City and the league before the two square off in their charges hearing later this year. The most serious accusations against which the Blues are defending themselves in that case have to do with whether or not they gave accurate information about sponsorship agreements.

It is anticipated that the hearing about their 115 claimed violations will take place in the autumn. According to the allegations, City hid money sent to its owner Sheikh Mansour via intermediaries and passed it off as sponsorship revenue, which was exaggerated in and of itself.

In the event that related party transaction regulations are suddenly considered illegal, City’s defence at the hearing later this year may be much strengthened. City has refuted any misconduct about the 115 complaints.

According to The Times story, City also accuses Premier League of failing to control expenditure at a period when teams like United were more powerful, claiming this has prevented them from capitalising on their brand the way United did.

APT rules were tightened in February this year. It is believed 12 clubs voted for it, six against and two abstained. How United voted is unknown.

“Following a full review of the existing associated party transactions rules and fair market value assessment protocols, clubs agreed to a series of amendments to further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the system,” the league said in a statement.

The Premier League and City have both been approached for comment.

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