‘Really winds me up’: Rio Ferdinand so annoyed after what he’s been hearing about Bruno Fernandes this season

Rio Ferdinand has expressed his disbelief at what some say about Bruno Fernandes following Manchester United’s defeat to Arsenal on Sunday. 

At the weekend, Manchester United performed a great deal better. It’s possible that Arsenal supporters were anxious in the second half, fearing they may lose and not be able to reclaim the top spot in the Premier League standings.

David Raya was not given much of an opportunity to play during the ninety minutes, as United was unable to convert their pressure into actual chances. Only two of Manchester United’s fourteen attempts on goal were on target, according to Whoscored.

Naturally, Bruno Fernandes was not available for Erik ten Hag to use, as the Portuguese player was not present for Monday’s 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

Rio Ferdinand lauds Bruno Fernandes after Manchester United defeat

It would appear that United failing to score in the two games without Bruno has not come as a surprise to Rio Ferdinand, with the pundit telling FIVE that the last two performances make it abundantly clear just how important he is.

“Can I just say one thing, please look in my eyes please, all of you people who are saying Bruno out, again, I want humble pie eaten, because in the last couple of games, creativity has been a big issue for us. And without that man in our team, we don’t create noise, let alone chances. Trust me,” he said.

“So all these people who keep saying, ‘yeah but he’s not this, he’s not that’, the guy creates chances, score goals, but more importantly, creates chances for others, and makes other players look better. When he hasn’t played, every other attacking player has looked worse off.

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