Roy Keane is usually right but he’s wrong about Bruno Fernandes at Manchester United

Roy Keane is adored for his punditry because of his honesty, knowledge and humour.

The Manchester United legend is universally loved when working for Sky Sports and rarely hits the wrong note, but his recent comments on Bruno Fernandes were wide of the mark.

“He’s won nothing in his career, he’s 29 years of age and he’s won nothing,” Keane said on a podcast this week. “No doubt he’s a talented player. I think he’s a brilliant player, no doubt about that, but does he help people out, make people around him better? The answer is 100 per cent no.”

Ian Wright defended Fernandes and said: “Bruno is a winner. Whatever we say, he has his faults where you see him waving his arms. He’s the kind of player that is trying, his standards are high.

“Let’s face it, take Bruno out of United right now and they are nowhere near where they are. He’s frustrated and he probably sees people not up to the standard of what he’s looking for in training.

“That probably spills over on a Saturday. He brings it and if United are going to be saved in a game, it’s probably going to be him to do it. He’s got every right to be upset with them.”

Any United fan who watches Stick to Football will rarely find themselves backing Arsenal legend Wright over Keane but the Irishman’s view on Fernandes was incredibly harsh.

Fernandes is a fan favourite at Old Trafford for a reason. He’s been outstanding since signing from Sporting Lisbon in January 2020 and could play for any team in Europe.

Since he arrived in the Premier League, no player has created more chances or big chances and he’s consistently produced goals and assists when United have needed him most.

Fernandes has 79 goals and 64 assists in 229 appearances for United – but his value goes beyond numbers. He immediately improved the dressing room when he joined, he’s the driving force in midfield and his leadership skills have been crucial in a difficult period for the club.

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