Thomas Tuchel told Sir Jim Ratcliffe he wanted to sign Real Madrid star for Man Utd, before talks collapsed

One manager who won’t be coming to Manchester United is former Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel.

Thomas Tuchel is no longer in the race for the Manchester United position, after weeks of rumours suggesting he was interested in the position and even met Sir Jim Ratcliffe in Monaco.

According to Fabrizio Romano’s report on X, Tuchel has withdrawn from consideration. It is reasonable to presume that this was due to an unsatisfactory interview and the subsequent notification that he was not selected for the position.

At present, Ineos are delaying their choice on the manager of Manchester United for the upcoming season and beyond.

Thomas Tuchel wanted Antonio Rudiger

Early on Sunday, rumours circulated that Manchester United manager Thomas Tuchel wished to bring Mason Mount and Jadon Sancho back to life.

According to Christian Falk of Sport BILD, Tuchel included this in his employment pitch. Since then, Fabrizio Romano has stated that Manchester United has a 100% plan to trade Jadon Sancho.

According to The Times, Tuchel also mentioned in his pitch to Ratcliffe his desire to buy Real Madrid’s Antonio Rudiger.

Although Rudiger is a very talented defender, Tuchel handled him at Chelsea. Rudiger is 31 years old, the same age as Raphael Varane, who was just granted permission to go.

Rudiger would have need a high salary, an expensive price, and a Casemiro-style agreement for United to entice him to go.

This is precisely the reverse of what Manchester United wants to avoid doing and what Ineos wants to achieve.

Thomas Tuchel out of the race

It comes as no surprise that Tuchel’s negotiations have broken down and he is no longer in the running.

Manchester United did not need the German. Erik ten Hag’s future is still up in the air, but even though Ratcliffe’s meeting with Tuchel is not good news for the Dutchman, it’s prudent to investigate and rule out other possibilities.

Tuchel is a transitory manager. Even if it may not be what he wants to be, his track record makes it very evident that he is that.

He has not been able to stay at any of his previous positions—PSG, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Munich—for longer than two years.

While has has brought some success, Ineos want long-term answers not quick fixes, which will end up needing replacing within one or two years.

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