United fans labelled “scumbags” for major abuse of matchday facilities – report

Allegations have been made against Manchester United that certain fans are using their identities as disabled supporters to enter away games this season.

The fans who abuse the disabled seats, which grant supporters preferential access and are usually used by wheelchairs, have been called “scumbags.”

Wheelchair users are provided with designated spaces at away games by the club, as reported by The Daily Mail. However, there have been recent accusations of “widespread misuse.”

There have been numerous rule violations, according to Chas Banks, secretary of the Manchester United Disabled Supporters’ Association, who addressed the Fans’ Forum at its most recent meeting.

“I have seen with my own eyes evidence of these scumbags doing this, and I have the photos;” he said.

“To the extent of them twice having been seen watching the match whilst sitting in a wheelchair on the wheelchair platform, and then the next game being seen standing in the able-bodied section bouncing up and down when United score a goal.”

Banks expressed his disappointment at the actions of the supporters in question and hopes order can be restored to allow as many disabled fans as possible the opportunity to watch their heroes.

“This is not a victimless crime, and I find it very sad that some of the people who are losing out to these horrible selfish fans really are the least deserving of being robbed of their chance to get a ticket that they are entitled to.

“Because I promise you, for many of them, time is not on their side,” Banks added.

It’s believed the tickets have either been passed on to non-disabled supporters directly or through a third party, which is against United’s ticket policy.

The club have confirmed they are aware of the claims and will be dealing with the matter accordingly.

United’s next away fixture is coming up on bank holiday Monday as Erik ten Hag takes his side to the capital to face Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

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